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Booking information

The Parish Hall, Davies Room and Rose Room

Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of hire before applying to book.

 For up to date and full information on availability please call Emma on 0118 988 5444 or complete the booking request form below for the relevant room and email to Sue at  finance_officer@swallowfieldpc.gov.uk

Booking Forms and Conditions of hire
Booking request form
Terms & Conditions of Hire
Please note new rates will apply for any bookings after 1st September 2017
Hall Fee rates from 1 September 2017
  Local* regular users Local* users

Outside parish &

commercial users

£/per hour

   £/per hour

£/per hour

Mon - Fri up to 6pm    
Parish Hall £9.20 £13.80 £24.40
Davies room £6.40 £8.10 £10.70
Rose Room** £17.80 £17.80 £17.80

Sun - Thurs after 6pm and Sat, Sun up to 6pm

Parish Hall £12.10 £18.45 £37.80
Davies room £7.85 £9.20 £13.10
Rose Room** £11.35 £13.35 £18.45
Fri, Sat after 6pm
Parish Hall £18.45 £28.10 £46.15
Davies room £10.30 £12.15 £19.00
Rose Room** £11.70 £13.80 £20.90
Rose Room
Half day all users** £61.50    
Full day all users** £95.50    
*    local user is anyone living in the Parish of Swallowfield only (Swallowfield, Riseley, Farley Hill, Stanford End). All other locations are outside users.
**   Fees for the Rose Room are exclusive of VAT