title="Swallowfield Parish Council in Berkshire">

Village Design Statement (VDS)


This design statement has been prepared by a group of volunteer residents in consultation with the community itself - the villagers of Swallowfield.  First published in 2003.

It reflects the features of Swallowfield that the residents appreciate, from the fact that it has still managed to remain an identifiable village, outside the urban growth of Reading, to its major contribution to the wildlife features of the area.  As a Supplementary Planning Document, the VDS has to be taken into account by WBC planning department when making decisions about Swallowfield planning applications. It also has material weight at planning appeals.

Click here to download Swallowfield VDS.


The VDS was published in 2005 following much investigation and research by the project team.  Their work involved running a meeting involving 100 local residents and consulting local business people, land owners, farmers, and developers.  All had access to the whole process and were therefore invited to comment or become involved at any time.

Click here to download Riseley VDS.