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Swallowfield Parish Council is notified by Wokingham Borough Council (“WBC”) of all planning applications in the parish. We do not have the authority to permit or refuse an application but are required to review each application in detail and make comment, drawing on our local knowledge.  Planning applications are discussed at parish council meetings each month (or occasionally at separate Planning Meetings) which the public may attend in the usual way.  All comments will be reported in the minutes.  Decisions are then taken either by the Borough Council's officers or an application may be referred to the WBC Planning Committee for consideration (made up of WBC Councillors).

WBC’s Planning Department can give advice about planning matters and has design guides and other information about what development requires planning permission and how to obtain it as well as the requirements of Building Control and regulations. Please find full information here http://www.wokingham.gov.uk/planning/

Planners will also take notice of a Parish’s Village Design Statements.  These documents are prepared by local people to provide design criteria for the appearance of new buildings, including extensions, so that they blend with the local environment and reflect local character. See here for Swallowfield and Riseley VDS.

If you wish to support or object to a planning proposal please contact the Clerk or Lead Councillor for Planning and then complete the following to ensure your opinion is noted: http://www.wokingham.gov.uk/planning/services/commentform/ or

email development.control@wokingham.gov.uk.

phone 0118 974 6282

Please do note that a copy of all comments submitted (signatures redacted) can be viewed by the public including the applicant.