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News  »  Fieldfayre Update - 11 (20th October 2017)

   Fieldfayre Update - 11 (20th October 2017)    20 October, 2017

20th October 2017

Shop / Post Office Temporary Relocation

  • The shop and PO relocation to its temporary home took place at the end of last week and over the last weekend as planned and in line with the advance warning published in the Parish Newsletter. It was quite a trying time for all concerned but Mr Kumar managed to keep the shop open throughout.
  • The PO was closed for a few days to allow the equipment to be moved and recommissioned in the new PO open counter. The PO reopened on Monday 16th October again as previously notified.
  • The temporary shop is in a much more confined space but the old shop, once rebuilt, will be larger than it was before.
  • The shop and PO are now open again as usual.
  • Residents are encouraged to continue using the shop for all their usual needs. We hope you will like the new fresh look. We realise parking can be awkward at times but please do not be put off.
  • The temporary shop entrance is on the left hand side of the building and is well signposted.
  • The post box has been temporarily closed off for safety reasons. Post can be handed over the Post Office counter whenever the shop is open.

Old Shop / Post Office

  • The old shop frontage and the rendered side wall which requires deeper foundations are all to be rebuilt and demolition is now well under way. The asbestos survey found some very low risk asbestos composite materials which have been removed and disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • In a change to the plans, the new frontage will have a centrally positioned automatic sliding door which will make access much easier in the future. The Post Box will be repositioned further forward.

Rear Extension

  • The walls of the rear extension are going up and now that the shop / PO has relocated, progress can be made to link to the original building and the rebuilt shop and post office area.


  • The bungalows are progressing well with roof on, first fix plumbing and electrics more or less complete and plastering under way.

Above – One Corner of Temporary Shop

Below – Temporary PO / Shop Counter

Above –Old Shop Extension Partly Demolished

Below – Demolition Complete and View of Rear Extension under Construction


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