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News  »  Fieldfayre Update - 8 (12th August 2017)

   Fieldfayre Update - 8 (12th August 2017)    14 August, 2017

Last Week

Bungalows and extension – see photos

  • Floor beams laid
  • All drainage in

Temp PO

  • Secure room in
  • Studwork done

Next Week

Bungalows and extension

  • Brick and block work starts

Temp PO

  • Plumber and electrician going in


The shop and PO remain open as usual. Residents are encouraged to continue using the shop for all their usual needs. We realise parking can be awkward at times but please do not be put off.

Reminder: There will be a further drop-in session between 6:00 and 6:30 pm in the Rose Room on Tuesday 

Rear of Site

Footings for the bungalows

Footings for the flats

Interior of the house

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