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   Fieldfayre Update - 5 (23rd July 2017)    24 July, 2017

Fieldfayre Update – 5

23rd July 2017

Last Week

{C}v  {C}Trenches for the foundations were completed and ground levels modified as necessary.

{C}v  {C}Concrete was laid in the foundation trenches in readiness for the footings.

Next Week

{C}v  {C}Lorries will be taking away surplus spoil from the excavation work on Monday.

{C}v  {C}Bricklayers will be laying the footings from Tuesday.

{C}v  {C}The shop and PO remain open as usual. Residents are encouraged to continue using the shop for all their usual needs. We realise parking can be awkward at times but please do not be put off.

{C}v  {C}The Council has reiterated its request that tradesmen are asked to park their vans considerately and not to obstruct the parking spaces in front of the shop or the entrances to nearby properties. If anyone is persistently causing problems, please let the Clerk know so that this can be addressed via the appropriate channels.

{C}v  {C}Reminder: there will be the first monthly walk-in session at 6pm on Tuesday 25th July in The Rose Room. This is an opportunity for residents to raise questions, make suggestions and discuss matters related to Fieldfayre with a member of the Council. If you plan to attend, please arrive no later than 6:30pm otherwise I might not be there!


Future sessions will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month – same arrangements – until further notice. These sessions are open to all.

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