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   Fieldfayre Update - 1 (23rd June 2017)    23 June, 2017

Fieldfayre Update - 1

23rd June 2017


  • Work commenced on stripping out the two flats and ground clearance this week and is set to continue during next week.
  • A licence has been obtained from Natural England in respect of bats to enable the removal of the roof to the single storey buildings at the rear supervised by the ecologist. This is scheduled to take place on Thursday 29th June. A bat box is to be fitted onto one of the retained trees as mitigation in accordance with the recommendations of the bat survey.
  • Once the roofing is removed on Thursday, full demolition of the rear buildings will then take place over the remainder of the week and early the following week. The operation should take around three to four days in all. The contractors will do their best to keep dust to a minimum by damping down the area. It is expected that grab loaders will be accessing the rear to remove the waste materials so it will be necessary to keep the side access clear and allow turning space in the road as these are large vehicles.
  • It is intended that these updates will be issued on a weekly basis and posted on the Parish Council’s website.


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