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   Fieldfayre Project Update    16 June, 2017



The Parish Council is pleased to announce that a contract has been awarded to Lindum Construction Services Ltd (“Lindum”) for the construction phase of the Fieldfayre project with work due to start on 19th June 2017.  The PC took references on a number of companies and we were very impressed with the feedback received from Lindum’s clients.


The first work you will see on site is set-up of the site compound (restricted area), security and health and safety signage.  As the project moves forward, the Parish Council is arranging monthly briefing sessions which will be held in The Rose Room at 6pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning on 25th July 2017. In addition, it is recommended that you register your details and email address with the Parish Clerk so that you receive priority notifications. Information will also be posted on the Parish Council website and via its Facebook account. This is an exciting project for our community and we want to ensure that we keep residents as well informed as possible.


Contractor working hours are Mon to Fri 07:30 - 18:00, Sat 08:00 - 13:00 with no work on Sundays or Bank Holidays. There may be occasions when an exception has to be made and permission is granted to extend these hours to complete a specific task to meet a critical deadline. Where possible, this will be notified to residents. In order to minimise roadside parking an area in the Parish Hall car park is being set aside for use by site workers. Please be aware that there will need to be work undertaken by utility companies in The Street. The timing of such work is determined by the utility companies and is not under the control of the construction company or the Parish Council.


Arrangements have been made as part of the construction contract to enable the shop and Post Office to temporarily relocate the left-hand half of the main building. This will only be for a few months while work is undertaken in the shop and Post Office area. Access to the temporary premises will be from the door in the left hand side of the building.


Parking at the front of the building will be limited and so there will inevitably be more shoppers parking on the roadside. Notices will be displayed asking that people park considerately and do not block accesses to nearby properties.



One aspect of the project that will be of great benefit to users of the Post Office is that it will be moving to the “open counter” format. The advantage is that certain services will be available outside present Post Office hours. We are also looking to expand the shop and create a larger and more modern local store. The Parish Council recognises that there will inevitably be some inconvenience to nearby residents and will strive to do all it reasonably can to keep this to an acceptable level. Any immediate issues should be raised directly with the Site Manager, mobile 07713065075/neil@lindumconstruction.co.uk and those of a more general nature should be raised with the Parish Office.


We thank you in advance for your forbearance during the construction works and we all look forward to project completion in about 12 months’ time. We will then be able to enjoy a more attractive building to enhance the village centre, a larger and better appointed shop / Post Office and a site that is no longer an eyesore.

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