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   Fieldfayre Project Update    12 December, 2016

Fieldfayre Update

It has been a period of dotting I's and crossing T's.  An application has been made to clear outstanding conditions on the Building Regualtions approval.  Technical specifications for the works are now almost complete with a few detailed technical aspects to be finalised.  A further meeting with the Post Office and Post master has been arranged to check that nothing has been overlooked regarding thses aspects of the project.  The Parish Council is waiting to received detailed costings from the QUantity Surveyor so that the financial model for the project can be updated and the borrowing requirement can be finalised.  The loan application and tender process will be initiated as soon as possible thereafter and should take approximately three months with a view to being a position for the contrstruction pahse to start late next spring, all being well.  The Parish Council is ver conscious of the fact that a construction project of this sort will present challenges for the Parish COuncil, the PO / shp and residents alike.  Some unavoidable and unforeseen disruption is inevitable which needs to be managed and kept to a minimum.  The Council will be preparing a communications plan that aims to ensure that people will be kept informed as appropriate prior to and during the construction phase.

John Anderson


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