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   Fieldfayre Project Update    12 July, 2016

Fieldfayre Update

WOrk over the past few months has focussed on detailed architectural and engineering design.  The structureal engineering and frainage designs are now essentially complete.  THe submission  to WBC Building Control for building regulations approval has been made and we await the result which is expected in a few weeks.  Meanwhile the detailed palns and specificaitons are being reveiwed to ensure that they satisfy all the COuncil's requirements, that the scope and constraints are clear and understood, and that the dependencies on other parties (e.g. the Council, Mr Kumar and the Post Office) are fully defined.  The COuncilrecognises the necessity of keeping the Post Office and Stores open for bisness during the redevelopment works.  It has specific proposals aimed at acheiving this and is working with Mr Kumar to refine and finalise these arrangements.  The architect continues to prepare the tendering documentation and to identify suitable building contractors who will be invited to tender.

In the last newsletter, I reported that the Parish COuncil had resolved to submit a request to the Department for COmmunities and Local Government (DCLG) via the Berkshire Association of Local Councils (BALC) for permission to apply to the PUblic WOrks Loans Board (PWLB) to borrow money, which will be used to fund the Fieldfayre Project.  A paper to support our request has now been drafted and it awaits refined financial information based on the detailed designs and detailed cost estimates from the Quantity Surveyor.

Getting the project to this stage has been along drawn out process and many obstacles have been successfully overcome along the way.  There is still a long way to go and many more obstacles to surmount; however, the project does now feel that much closer to becoming a reality.

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