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   Fieldfayre Project Update    12 March, 2015

Fieldfayre Project – an update
Following the update provided in the autumn 2014 Newsletter, things have moved on a little with this project. The Council reviewed the feedback from all the meetings with neighbours and other interested parties that took place last Autumn and were pleased that it was in the most part very positive. There are always one or two things that require more work but it gave the Council a good base from which to take the project to the next stage. In December the Council submitted a request for a pre-planning meeting to Wokingham Borough Council and that meeting took place in early January.
The pre-planning meeting was attended by the Architect, a Parish Councillor and Stuart Munro, our WBC member for Swallowfield. WBC were overall very complimentary about the Council’s vision for the Fieldfayre site, and were pleased to hear about the length and depth of consultation with the community surrounding the project. They were also pleased to see the amount of thought that had been put into the issues that we are all too aware of in the Parish, including the risk of flooding and the need for adequate off road parking.

The Council received the official response from WBC fairly quickly, and the issues raised were on the whole minor, and certainly not requiring a total rethink of the project. The Architect revised the plans in a couple of areas to take into account the concerns of WBC and the Council has now taken the decision to apply to WBC
for full planning permission.
This is an exciting and also bold step for the Council as this kind of project is not one many Parish Councils have taken on to date. Despite the size of the Parish, Swallowfield is gaining some renown for leading the way on new things, the fantastic alliance between the Council and local residents who formed the Flood Resilience Group, encouraging the placing of public access Automated External Defibrillators on community buildings, and many more!
There is a lot more work to do in preparing all the documentation for the detailed planning application, and it will no doubt take some time to complete this, but the Council is glad that the project is gaining momentum and all the positive elements are one step nearer to becoming a reality.

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